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Long Live the Kings

August 08, 2000

As befitting a world center of diversity, Los Angeles was graced in recent days with appearances by both Elvis (the late King) and El Vez (the Mexican Elvis). El Vez appeared live at the Performing Arts Center at a free open-air concert sponsored by downtown business merchants. Elvis appeared live--sort of--on a movie screen at the Universal Amphitheatre, backed live--really--by his old band.

"He's kind of fusion. A Latino winking at the American icon."

--Kory Doyle, 35, of Pasadena, a legal support worker, at the El Vez show.

"I get chills and goose pimples watching him."

--Martha Dubois, 52, of Antwerp, one of 64 people from a Belgian tour group attending the Elvis show.

"I'm studying him. I was in security, and I had a lot of solitudeness routes where I was by myself. So I entertained myself by singing."

--Native American Elvis impersonator John Aragon, who attended the El Vez concert to pick up some choreography tips for what he hopes will work into a successful Elvis stage act.



Home: Graceland (Memphis)

Height: Two stories high

Tickets: $40-$69

Set List: Hound Dog

Slogan: Viva Las Vegas

Crowd Fashions: Shopping-mall casual

Ambience: Worshipful

El Vez

Home: Silver Lake

Height: Roughly 6 feet

Tickets: Free

Set List: You Ain't Nothing but a Chihauhua

Slogan: Viva La Raza

Crowd Fashions: Business suits, t-shirts

Ambience: Laid-back

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