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* 2 p.m.: If you're one of those parents who pressure their kids to excel in sports, you'll want to chat with "positive parenting" specialist Darrell J. Burnett.

* 3:30 p.m.: "Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress" is part memoir, part social commentary and part guide on how to act when dining out. Chat with the book's author, Debra Ginsberg.


* 2 p.m.: Now you can play charades online. will have you surfing to three sites that contain clues to help you come up with the answers.

* 3 p.m.: Let's hear it for Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union and Jesse Bradford, stars of the upcoming cheerleading movie, "Bring It On."


* 10:45 a.m.:'s "Live Drive 2000" tour heads to San Jose, Calif., for the city's jazz festival. pre.asp

* 3 p.m.: The Smothers Brothers' Dick Smothers is the guest on "Practically Joking With Cary Silberman."


* 11 a.m.: Tune in to a live audio broadcast of the Miller Lite 200 in Lexington, Ohio, the latest stop for the CART FedEx Championship Series.


* 7 p.m.: Are great white sharks really bloodthirsty killers like the ones in the movies? Shark experts Barry Bruce and George Burgess discuss shark facts and myths.

* 7 p.m.: Get the "Keys to Weight Loss Success" from Anne Fletcher, registered dietitian and author of "Thin for Life."


* 10 a.m.: Tony Hendra, who has compiled the "Gigawit Dictionary of the English Language," talks about the origins of these humorous and satirical Internet terms.

* 4 p.m.: Chat with Faye Kellerman, whose book, "Stalker," is the latest in her series of thrillers featuring an LAPD detective and his wife. 3L8RZOE072


* 11:30 a.m.: Join Mike Weintraub of the Million Dollar Round Table for "Look Into My 401(k) Mirror Plan."

* 5 p.m.: Chef Hubert Keller will attempt to meet the challenge posed by Dr. Dean Ornish to create a delicious, nutritious meal within the doctor's low-fat guidelines.

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