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Singer Victoria Williams Offers Some Sweet 'Water to Drink'

*** 1/2 VICTORIA WILLIAMS, "Water to Drink", Atlantic

August 11, 2000|MARC WEINGARTEN

Like the Southern folk artists she so admires, Williams is enchanted by the everyday miracles to be found in life and nature. She is among the least jaded contemporary songwriters, a chronicler of the incidental moments that transform the prosaic into the transcendent.

Williams' latest album (due in stores Tuesday) finds the Louisiana native turned Joshua Tree resident homed in on the same subject matter, but she's using a broader palette this time. To her usual understated ruminations she has added a handful of standards such as "Until the Real Thing Comes Along" and "Young at Heart," which feature Van Dyke Parks' wide-screen string arrangements. The title song is a frisky bossa nova co-written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Hearing Williams sing material usually reserved for more full-bodied voices is a revelation--she brings a child's sense of wonder to sentiments we've heard thousands of times before. Such original compositions as "Grandma's Hat Pin," "Gladys and Lucy" and "Junk" roam amiably, like kites buoyed by a summer breeze, their protagonists finding spiritual renewal in the rediscovery of things taken for granted.

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