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August 11, 2000|LARRY STEWART

What: "Sale of the Century"

Where: Dodger Stadium

When: Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

This sports and entertainment memorabilia auction, hosted by Butterfields and held in the Stadium Club, might be the biggest of the year. Millions of dollars worth of items are being offered, including a glove used by Mickey Mantle in a 1965 game, Muhammad Ali's boxing shoes from Ali-Frazier I in 1971, and Mark McGwire's 18th home run ball from 1998.

A minimum donation of $20 entitles one to admission, a color catalog, food, drinks and a gift bag. Proceeds from the donations benefit Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation, which he started in 1991 after he rescued a cat that ran onto the field during an Oakland A's-New York Yankee game.

In addition to the live auction, items are available through through Monday. The online sale features such items as Babe Ruth's 472nd home-run ball, signed by Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and a ball signed by the 1926 Yankees.

Ali's boxing shoes are among the live-auction items being offered from a collection provided by Dr. John Caroompas. Many of the items come directly from the estate of Drew "Bundini" Brown, Ali's longtime cornerman.

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