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August 11, 2000


CASTAIC LAKE--Largemouth bass action is fair on plastic worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. A 7-8 was caught on a waterdog. A 15-pound catfish was caught by a bass fisherman using a Castaic Soft Bait.


LAKE CASITAS--Catfish and trout (Needlefish, night crawlers and Power Bait) are very active. Top catfish was a 24-pounder caught on mackerel at Deep Cat. Top bass is an 8-pounder caught on a crawdad.

LAKE PIRU--Trout fishing is fair at times, mostly for trollers fishing deep with bikini-pattern Needlefish and No. 5 Rapalas. Bass are active at the surface in mornings only.


LAKE CACHUMA--Trout are the best bet, biting on slow-trolled night crawlers at 40-70 feet at the dam and east end. Some top-water bass action early. Red-ear perch action is fair on mealworms and red worms.


ANAHEIM LAKE--Catfish anglers are using marshmallow-meal worm combos to nab fish to about nine pounds. Limits are fairly common.

IRVINE LAKE--Catfish are providing most action, but bass are being caught on crank baits. A night bass tournament is scheduled Aug. 19.

LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Catfish action is fair very early, slow during the day and good at night. An 8-pounder tops the list. Late afternoon bass action has improved for those casting plastic and surface poppers. Some crappie and bluegill.

OSO RESERVOIR--Bass fishing is fair to good, and a 7-5 caught on a grub tops the list. Catfish are biting on processed catfish baits at the dam.


BIG BEAR LAKE--A couple of 5-3 trout were caught on Power Bait, but fishing is slow and all the algae in the lake isn't helping matters.

GREEN VALLEY LAKE--Trout limits have been fairly common and 6-pound rainbows were caught on a green Super Duper and gold Thomas Buoyant. Mini-jigs are working great at the dam.

JESS RANCH LAKES--Trout action was good after last week's stocking, but if the lake warms much above 68-71 degrees, the stocking will discontinue.


CORONA LAKE--A 14-7 catfish highlights a decent night bite. Mackerel and shrimp are producing many limits.

LAKE PERRIS--Trout are at 40 feet, but sluggish. Bluegill are small but active in the marina area, biting on crickets and worms.

LAKE SKINNER--Striped bass are providing some fun surface action, although some are still deep and biting on anchovies. Few are topping five pounds.


LAKE POWAY--Night fishing for catfish is the best bet and pretty much the only thing going. A tournament is scheduled Aug. 18.

SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Bass action is best at San Vicente, which also offers the best bluegill bite. A 9-3 bass was caught on a Pop-R lure at Sutherland.


Bishop-area anglers are finding fair to good fishing on the creek and lakes above town. Those hiking farther into the back country are being rewarded too. In the Mammoth Lakes area, Crowley Lake remains a great spot as many fish are congregated in McGee Bay and standard streamer pattern flies are getting bit. Fishing is good on the Upper Owens despite high water, with mostly small trout chomping on caddis pattern flies. Convict Lake weighed in six fish topping four pounds, including a 5-8 caught on Power Bait. The basin lakes are producing many pan-sized trout and some Alpers lunkers, and the San Joaquin River is yielding even smaller fish, which are not at all picky. In the June Lake area, top fish was an 8-6 rainbow caught on a Krocodile at Saddlebag Lake. On the scenic loop, June Lake has been best for bigger fish, but all lakes are producing early and late, and bubble-and-fly rigs seem to be working best. In the Bridgeport area, there are several hot spots. The East Walker River is great for fly fishermen using nymphs, and the flow is a very fishable 250 cubic feet per second. Bridgeport Reservoir is good only for boaters near inlets, using Power Bait and night crawlers. Virginia Lakes are great for pan-sized rainbows but also some Alpers trout to eight pounds. Twin Lakes and Robinson Creek are fair for mostly pan-sized rainbows. The West Walker River is rated excellent.


The Times accepts and publishes the catch count as a public service. Any responsibility for accuracy is that of the landing operator.

PORT SAN LUIS (Patriot Sportfishing)--56 anglers (3 boats): 143 rock cod, 81 red rock cod, 62 bolina, 1 ling cod, 1 salmon, 1 goldeneye, 11 red snapper, 61 albacore.

SANTA BARBARA (Sea Landing)--47 anglers (3 boats): 16 calico bass, 10 sand bass, 47 whitefish, 42 red snapper, 94 rockfish, 2 sheephead, 2 blacksmith, 1 seven gill shark.

OXNARD(Captain Hook's/Gold Coast)--10 anglers (1 boats): 66 sand bass, 1 barracuda, 2 halibut, 10 calico bass.

PORT HUENEME--56 anglers (2 boats): 18 barracuda, 450 sand bass.

MARINA DEL REY--123 anglers (4 boats): 6 barracuda, 1 thresher shark, 40 sculpin, 157 sand bass, 56 calico bass, 160 whitefish, 40 rockfish.

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