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Chase Knolls' Group to Mark a Victory


Supporters of Chase Knolls Apartments, who fought to see the 1940s-era garden complex designated a historic cultural monument, will celebrate their victory with an old-fashioned barbecue and potluck Sunday.

Those who assisted the Chase Knolls Residents & Neighbors Assn. in its quest, including Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Feuer, will be present to receive an award.

"We're honoring the people who were instrumental in guiding us through this," said Carolyn Smith, steering committee member for the association. "We'd like to express our gratitude."

Last month, the City Council unanimously voted for historic cultural monument status, giving the 26-unit complex temporary protection from a developer's plans to tear it down to build luxury apartments. Legacy Partners, which bought the property in January, could still proceed with demolition plans but must first complete an environmental impact report.

"They can't get rehab or demolition permits until they do the EIR. Presumably, they are doing the beginning work on it and will be looking at alternatives to demolition," said Jane Blumenfeld, Feuer's chief of staff.

A representative of Legacy Partners could not be reached for comment.

Smith said the event is open to the public, including neighbors who have moved away.

"We want to warmly meet former residents. Some who come may feel guilty they left but we understand," she said.

The barbecue and potluck will be held in the courtyard at 13444 Huston St. For more information and reservations, call (818) 783-0313.

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