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Class Is Sweet Music to Violin Students


Since John Kapus' wife didn't like the sound of violins, he gave up the instrument when they got married.

Now, some 55 years later, Kapus has picked up his bow again.

After seeing a violin class advertised in the Goebel Senior Adult Center's monthly newsletter last year, Kapus, 78, dusted off his case.

Kapus of Westlake Village, whose wife died two years ago, is one of eight participants in an eight-week violin class at the center, taught by Dianne and Philip Rammon.

"When I first started again, I thought it was good--not bad at all," Kapus said. "It was surprising how the memory works. You start to remember insignificant things, like the fingering for 'Turkey in the Straw.' "

Almost all the Rammons' students began playing the violin as children but later stopped.

"The people who come have remembered an amazing amount," said Dianne Rammon. "We start with a beginning book, so they can remember how to read notes and play the right rhythm. The fun and joy these people have is amazing."

The Rammons, who have played professionally for more than 40 years, are members of the Santa Barbara Symphony. Dianne Rammon also plays with the New West Symphony in Ventura County.

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