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The Envelope, Please ...

August 16, 2000

President Clinton was awarded the ultimate Los Angeles trophy--a real Oscar for "Best President"--when he attended the California Welcome Party hosted by Gov. Gray Davis. The president was delighted and joked about his recent acting in a gag video he made in May showing him moping around the White House, washing his limousine, cutting grass and watching his clothes spin-dry while his presidency wind down. In one scene, Clinton stands before a mirror rehearsing his acceptance speech until a disdainful Kevin Spacey snatches away the statuette. Now he has his own.

Play It Again

At a Latino Convention 2000 party, high-ranking local, state and national politicos addressed the crowd in Spanglish (a fusion of Spanish and English), referring several times to the White House as la Casa Blanca. For the Spanish-challenged, it caused some confusion. Blurted out one woman, "Why do they keep referring to the movie?"

The Right Buttons

Robert Levine of St. Louis, Mo., knows how to push his buttons. "Button Bob" has been selling them at eight conventions, but this is the first time he's had the status of bona fide delegate. Sales are good, he says. Among the hottest items, a $3 button that sold in the thousands before the convention even opened: "Read my lips: No new Bushes."


Compiled by MICHAEL QUINTANILLA / Los Angeles Times

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