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Laugh Lines

August 18, 2000

Feelin' Grateful: "In his speech [at the Democratic National Convention] Clinton thanked America for letting him live out his dreams. . . . Then he thanked Hillary for just letting him live." (Jay Leno)

What a Pair: "Hollywood loves this Gore-Lieberman ticket. I know this because today three studios green-lighted projects about a robot who teams up with a rabbi." (Bill Maher)


Chris Pina's Essential Daily List

Top Things Overheard at the Democratic Convention

* "Clinton is so empowering between scandals, isn't he?"

* "Can you change the channel on that big screen behind you--'Survivor' is on."

* "Sorry, Mr. Hefner, but I don't see your name on the list."

* "Standing next to Hillary sure beats the heat."

* "Al Gore looks so lifelike in person."

* "I love Al's new campaign slogan: 'No Sex, Just Gore.' "

* "Doesn't Rep. Loretta Sanchez look great in that Playboy bunny outfit?"

* "Damn, I thought the Lakers were playing."

* "Wait, am I at the Republican Convention?"


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