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Year Of The Stuff

August 20, 2000|MARK EHRMAN

The Occasion: Stuff magazine celebrates going monthly with a "7 Deadly Sins" escapade in Chinatown.

Sin City: "It's not my party, I'm just all over it," swears Lacey Chabert as she makes her way into the throng of 2,000 or so. The magazine's ubiquitous Chabert-covered issue is the only Occidentalia to be found at this otherwise Sino-themed extravaganza. Many of Chinatown's shops stay open after hours, giving the bash an exotic, Hong Kong block-party feel. The night of 10-person dragons, fireworks and a Chinese circus act with plate-spinning, juggling and other tricks becomes more sinful as the moon rises. As a theme, though, the seven deadlies seem lost in the Chinoiserie, and few here could name more than two. "Gluttony, lust, envy and . . . murder?" guesses "Sabrina's" Melissa Joan Hart (see you on "Celebrity Jeopardy"). "I'm inventing the eighth deadly sin, perversion," says Michael Rappaport. Nice try, but there's a 250-pound drag queen lying on a couch being fed fortune cookies who might dispute that.


Enter the Dragon: "First marriage, no good," says Alyssa Milano, giving the verbatim report on her just-completed palm reading. But not to worry. The wise fortuneteller might have mistaken Milano's palm for that of Carmen Electra, who is hanging out nearby. "I've never been to Chinatown," says "Scary Movie" star Electra. "I wanted to see the costumes. Did you see that really dramatic woman on the couch? I love all that." The soiree also attracts Vince Vaughn, Tobey Maguire, a gaggle of WB-class actresses, members of Hole, Smashing Pumpkins and others of the rock-and-roll persuasion, public-access sinner "Sleazy" Colin Malone and a heavy scenester turnout (at least half the exposed flesh is inked). Many say getting to know Chinatown was worth the freeway journey east. Tori Spelling realizes that with Stuff going monthly, there are six more covers up for grabs. "I came to the party," she says, laying out her three-pronged plan for cover conquest. "I have a sexy body. And I met the editors." Veni, vidi, vici . . . November?

What's The Score?

CELEB QUOTIENT: No VIP section means the very and semi-famous mix freely with the merely hip.

WOW FACTOR: Hot and spicy performances along with the scenic endowments of Chinatown's Central Plaza make for a rockin' red-lantern district.

CHOW LINE: Phat cocktails and dim sum dumplings hit the spot, but sure enough, an hour later . . .

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