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Bush Raised Seven Times as Much Money as Gore in July

August 22, 2000|Reuters

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush raised seven times as much as Democrat Al Gore in July, according to monthly filings with the Federal Election Commission.

While Gore raised $771,000 from individuals, Bush reported receipts of $5.4 million, including contributions from political action committees, the FEC filings released Sunday showed.

Bush was free to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money, while Gore was bound by spending limits he accepted in return for $15.3 million in federal matching funds.

With both party conventions over, the candidates can no longer accept campaign contributions, but will now receive a $67.56-million federal subsidy.

Since March 1999, Bush has raised a record-setting $95 million. Gore raised $75 million, but that includes the matching funds.

Heavy spending on travel and paid media pushed Bush's expenditures close to $10 million, while Gore devoted much of the $2 million he spent in July to bolstering his staff.

"Since June, we have tripled the campaign staff," said Doug Hattaway, a Gore spokesman.

Bush had about $4 million in the bank, while Gore had about $6.4 million.

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