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With Simple Step, Keep Multiple Web Sites Open

August 24, 2000|Jeff Levy

Question: Can I open a Web site and then keep it on hand while I look for and open another Web site?

--Tony G.,


Answer: Once you find a Web site you want to stay connected to, you can open any number of Web pages. The easiest way to open more Web sites is to hold down the Ctrl key and then press the L key. Type the new Web site URL (Universal Resource Locator, the Web address) and click OK or press the Enter key. You can also press the Windows key, press the letter R and then type in the URL for the next Web page you wish to open. To move between the open Web sites, click on the Back or Forward arrows in the upper left side of your Browser window.

Num Lock Unlocks Calculator Function

Q: What does the Num Lock key on my keyboard do?

--Buck R.,


A: The Num Lock key acts as a toggle switch for the keypad on the right side of your keyboard. When the Num Lock is on, the keypad keys works like a calculator. When the Num Lock is off, the keypad keys provide the other functions printed on those keys, e.g. Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Delete and cursor movement up, down, left or right. One of the three lights that appear above the keypad is the Num Lock light. When the light is green, Num Lock is on. You can turn Num Lock on or off with the Num Lock key located in the upper left section of the keypad.

Fight Desktop Clutter by Organizing Icons

Q: I have a large number of icons on my desktop. Is there a way to organize them or at least find the one I want quickly without having to read through most of them?

--Judy S.,


A: The fastest way to find a shortcut icon on your desktop is to press the key that represents the first letter of the shortcut name. Press that letter more than once if you have icons that start with the same letter. You can organize your desktop shortcut icons by right-clicking on the desktop and then selecting Arrange Icons. Now you can arrange your desktop icons by name, type, size or date. If you select Auto Arrange, Windows will arrange and line up those icons in neat rows. When you right-click on the desktop you also have the option to Line Up your icons. Windows will line your icons up in vertical rows without changing their order.

Glass Cleaner Works on Monitor Screens

Q: I've had my computer for a couple of years now. It works fine but the keyboard and monitor have gotten dirty. What is the safest way to clean them?

--Dennis O.,

Santa Ana

A: To clean the monitor screen, spray any good glass cleaner on a clean rag and then wipe the screen down. I don't recommend spraying glass cleaner directly on the monitor. To clean your keyboard, lift it up, turn it upside down, and then shake for several seconds.

You may be amazed at what falls out onto your desk. I would also spray around the keys with a can of compressed air. These compressed air cans are available at hardware and computer stores for about $3.

For the Record

In my Aug. 3 column, I mentioned a new Internet service offered by AT&T, but gave the incorrect Web address. The correct address is


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