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High School Notebook

August 30, 2000|DAVE DESMOND

Littlerock coaches and players watched Monday as a lightning storm approached their practice from two directions.

"We were gauging the distance by counting between the thunder and lightning," Coach Jim Bauer said.

"When it got about a mile away, I yelled for everyone to get inside."

As they did, lightning struck the pavement outside the locker room. Moments later, a bolt hit the field.

"It was very frightening," Bauer said. "We practiced the rest of the day inside."


Highland considered junior flanker Justin Wyatt a go-to player in its fly offense.

Then Wyatt took flight to Compton Dominguez a few months ago.

Coach Lin Parker of Highland contends Wyatt's transfer wasn't legal, calling the move, "a gross case of undue influence."

Wyatt's mother, who lives in Palmdale, has sole legal custody of her son, who started at Highland as a freshman and sophomore. He is living with his father while attending Dominguez.

"I'm interested to see if they use him," Parker said. "As soon as they do, a letter is going to the [Southern Section]."

Highland is still attempting to fill the void.

"That puts a mighty big hole in our team," Parker said. "Now we're flying by committee."

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