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City Hall Under Attack as a Noisy Neighbor

August 31, 2000

PASADENA — When Martin Truitt calls City Hall about his noisy neighbor, he's complaining about City Hall.

Weddings receptions at the domed 1927 landmark have turned its courtyard into an "outdoor nightclub," according to Truitt, who lives across the street.

"They've basically been violating their own zoning ordinances," he said. "They claim they're not subject to the law, and that's wrong."

City Engineer Dan Rix says efforts are being made to keep the noise down, and sound readings are being taken. City officials also acknowledge an oversight in not requiring temporary conditional use permits, but they defend the receptions.

Truitt says that if something isn't done, he may haul City Hall to court.

The courthouse is also a City Hall neighbor.

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