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No Citation in Reporting Bad Drivers


Dear Traffic Talk:

Several answers in your column to questions regarding motorists' bad driving habits advised the people to call the Los Angeles Police Department's Valley Traffic Division to report the drivers.

What happens when such a report is made? Are the drivers cited based on such reports?

As a pedestrian I am constantly observing bad drivers and have often been practically run down by them. I usually am able to get the license numbers, but will reporting them do any good? Will they actually get a ticket for their traffic infractions?

Marshall Kass


Dear Marshall:

Reporting unlawful driving, even you if have the motorist's license plate number, won't get the driver ticketed, said Officer Dave Hovey at Valley Traffic Division. An officer needs to observe the traffic infraction to issue a citation, he said.

To report such infractions as speeding or running stop signs on streets with light traffic and few police patrols, call Valley Traffic at (818) 756-9203. The officer assigned to the particular area will return your call and go to the location to investigate the problem, Hovey said.

Dear Traffic Talk:

Can you identify a box with an antenna attached to its bottom at a traffic signal at Vanowen Street and Clybourn Avenue in North Hollywood? It doesn't look like a camera and I don't think it has anything to do with the traffic lights. Does it have anything to do with monitoring noise at Burbank Airport?

Mike B. Hoblinski

North Hollywood

Dear Mike:

City officials couldn't locate the device you described but said it may have been related to ongoing underground construction. The device may have been used to identify underground utilities before digging in the area, officials said.

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