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Pete Carroll Letters

Initial Reaction Could Be Better

December 16, 2000

Mike Garrett, what was it about Pete Carroll that made you want to hire him for the head coaching job? Was it his lifetime record of two games over .500? His complete lack of recruiting ties to the West Coast? His limited college coaching experience? His reputation for being soft on players and not a good motivator? You must like those qualities in your coaches, Mike, you hired Paul Hackett, after all.

Calling Pete Carroll a "proven winner" is akin to calling you an "athletic director with vision." The only bright side to this story is that it's only 1,095 days from today until you and Carroll probably are both out of a job. Until then, it's more misery as another NFL retread realizes he doesn't understand the college game or its players while learning on the job. I can only thank God that Jerry Glanville was too busy to interview.

Hey, at least we have basketball. Thanks, Mike!


Hermosa Beach


I am so glad USC fired Paul Hackett so it could hire . . . Paul Hackett?


Los Angeles


Please Dr. Sample, make Mike Garrett athletic director in charge of development and take the hiring and firing duties away from him. He may be a great fund-raiser, but he sure can't make personnel decisions.

Look at how he has handled the hiring and firing of John Robinson, George Raveling and Paul Hackett. And now the hiring of Pete Carroll. Can't you see a pattern of incompetence in this administration?

How long until we have to buy out Carroll's contract?




First Dennis Erickson got rich thanks to USC. Then Mike Bellotti. Then Mike Garrett hired Pete Carroll.

Congratulations Garrett: Somewhere, Bob Toledo must be smiling.


Lufkin, Texas


USC fired Paul Hackett, a former USC assistant in the winning years with pro experience on winning teams.

USC hires Pete Carroll, a former small college assistant who has been fired from two pro teams.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this appears to be a net loss, but then Mike Garrett is not a rocket scientist. A rocket scientist would at least make sure the rocket was pointed up, not down, before lighting the fuse.


Rolling Hills Estates


Mike Garrett, if you really feel Pete Carroll is the man for the job, then hire him. I just hope you are prepared to take the fall with him in a couple of years, because that is what we USC fans will be demanding.


Los Angeles


Why did Mike Garrett insist that it was critical to hire a head coach with previous collegiate experience at that level? After all, Mr. Garrett never was an athletic director before taking over USC's program. Oh, never mind.




Instead of injecting their bias and venom toward the USC football program on a daily basis, Times sportswriters should stick to reporting on subjects in which they have knowledge and credibility.

Well, I guess that pretty much eliminates the need for a sports section.


Thousand Oaks


Don't blame Mike Garrett. No football coach is going to take the USC job as long as The Times has T.J. Simers.


Monterey Park


Now that we're convinced of his influence and persuasive powers, would you please have [Mighty Duck beat writer] Elliott Teaford write a column demanding that Pete Carroll be fired?



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