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February 10, 2000|SHAV GLICK

What: Winston Cup Preview, ESPN The Magazine

Where: At newsstands

Price: $5.99

Can stock car fans ever get too much of NASCAR Winston Cup racing? Or can magazines, newspapers, television or radio ever get too much of them?

The latest is ESPN The Magazine, which has published the first special edition in its short history. It has the expected articles on champion Dale Jarrett (How tough was the road to the title?), the Burton brothers, Jeff and Ward (Will Ward ever beat his younger sibling?), the magazine's Top 15 ranking (Surprise, Bobby Labonte is No. 1.), and little-known facts about superstar Jeff Gordon (1. He wears lifts in his shoes. 2. At 15, he was the best student driver in his high school's history.).

You know, stuff an ardent stock car fan can't get enough of.

And pictures too.

There is a two-page spread of the 13-car wreck at last year's Daytona 500 that took Jeff Burton and Sterling Marlin out of the race. And there is also an impressive shot of all the crews lined up along pit row for the national anthem at the Brickyard 400.

Want insight into the coming season? How about Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s comment to fellow rookie Matt Kenseth: "The only difference between you winning and me winning is either I'm partying with you or you're partying with me."

For a finishing touch, there are aerial photos of what the magazine calls racing's Big Five tracks: Daytona, Indianapolis, Bristol, Darlington and Talladega.

For about $6 you get an evening's full of enjoyment--on the night that RPM 2Night is off the air.

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