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HOME DESIGN | From Noguchi Lamps to a Fun House Mirror,
Accessorizing Is a Personal Affair. Eight L.A. Shop
Owners Who Sell Style Should Know.

The Objects of Their Affections

February 13, 2000|produced by Barbara Thornburg

What's essential: Something cozy to curl up with--a cashmere throw, a pashmina shawl--and candles everywhere.

Personal favorites: Framed photographs of her children. "Everything else is replaceable."

The tip: Don't be afraid to use fine linens every day--on beds and tables. They look better the more you wash them.


"It's really accessories that distinguish one home from another. You can always tell homes that have been done entirely by a designer--down to the books by the yard in the library."

--Danielle Schatteman, Decadence

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