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Fans Making Waves About Lavin Again

January 01, 2000

Tuesday night I sat in embarrassment, watching Steve Lavin rush the Pauley Pavilion floor in celebration like a high school yell leader after a lucky and narrow victory over Pepperdine.

I couldn't help but recall the comparable and pitiful scene at the Coliseum only weeks ago as shameless USC fans and coaches rushed the field after defeating a 4-7 Pac-10 doormat.

I just can't picture Steve Spurrier or Mike Krzyzewski rushing the field or court after such meager victories.




Pepperdine shouldn't even give UCLA a game and with any other coach, I don't think it would. I have been confused since the day Jim Harrick was fired (which was a mistake), and Lavin is a prime example of some young punk being in the right place at the right time.

Mr. Dalis should have hired me to run the program, because I could have also pampered a bunch of undisciplined kids so they won't respect me, make ridiculous substitutions, and run the always effective 'let's stand still" offense--for half the price.


Santa Monica

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