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Birth Control

January 07, 2000

Re "A Collision of Medicine and Faith," Jan. 3: Once again, we are sliding backward in time to an era of strict control over women's reproductive freedom. As the pro-life movement has been unable to overturn Roe vs. Wade, they have found other very effective ways of limiting choices for women when it comes time for them to decide their own reproductive fate.

By not even offering basic contraceptive services [at some Catholic Healthcare West hospitals], we have gone back a century, especially for poor women who may not have any other access to health care. Any hospital that restricts these services should absolutely have its federal funding pulled.




If Catholic Healthcare West "has received more than $1.6 billion in government bonds and loans" and then refuses to do certain procedures because of church doctrine or beliefs, it is certainly breaking the principle of separation of church and state.


Costa Mesa

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