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Kids Learn Different Sort of Family Values at Camp Megabucks

January 07, 2000|STEVE HARVEY

Here's one more example of the healthy effect television has on society:

In Los Angeles Family magazine, Melanie Steiner saw an ad headlined "Do you want your child to be a MILLIONAIRE?" It was, of course, a play on the title of a particularly materialistic new quiz show.

The ad pitched a "Millionaire Camp" in Lake Arrowhead that promises to teach children ages 9 to 16 about "business planning, marketing, pricing, sales . . . saving, investing, the stock market. . . ."

The ad says, "Give your child the tools to become successful in business."

Commented Steiner: "Perhaps they could also start a camp to teach your child how to be a mensch, learning skills such as compassion, charity, thoughtfulness."

Incidentally, cost of the Millionaire Camp is $1,900 for two weeks. A good lesson in profit-making for the kids!


OTHERWORLDLY ORANGE COUNTY: In his book "Haunted Places," author Dennis William Hauck--and who are we to doubt him?--reports ghost sightings:

* On the "Wild Goose" yacht of former Newport resident John Wayne.

* At the old Yorba Linda Cemetery, the Pink Lady "is said to materialize on June 15 of every even-numbered year," weeping over a dead relative.

* At the Nixon Library & Birthplace, where a night watchman "heard strange tapping coming from the Watergate Display Room." (Someone check the tapes!)

And finally, there was the sighting of "a round metallic object hovering about 150 feet" above a road near Interstate 5 in Santa Ana. All I want to know is whether the UFO gives traffic reports.


THAT PERSONAL TOUCH: Jim Farmer of Huntington Park received a piece of junk mail from a company that wanted to cover all the bases when it came to addressing it (see above).


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: My colleague Rick Meyer found an L.A. hospital that takes Big Mac attack victims (see above).

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