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Grant High Peace Treaty

January 30, 2000

Re "Peer Pressure at Grant High," Jan. 13.

As a Grant High alumnus, class of 1984, I applaud the efforts of the students to draft a peace treaty so that they can begin the process of racial reconciliation on that campus.

However, these students must not think that signing this document alone will fix ethnic problems on their very diverse campus. The problems between Latino and Armenian students really start at home. One need only speak with the parents to find out where the racial intolerance and ignorance come from.

These students need to become friends on a more personal level. For example, they can begin by exchanging their phone numbers, eating a variety of meals together, and learning more about each other.

Until authentic friendships begin to develop among the diverse cultures that exist at Grant High, the peace treaty will be just a simple document with a handful of signatures.


North Hollywood


Re "Grant High Students Sign 'Peace Treaty,' " Jan. 14.

It seems to me what they really need is a dress code or a personal appearance standard, based upon the pictures that you had in the article.



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