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The 52nd Emmy Nominations

July 21, 2000

* Music direction: Paul Bogaev, 'Annie,' ABC; Dan Stamper, 'E*Trade Super Bowl XXXIV Halftime Show,' ABC; Michael Andreas, 'Heroes for the Planet Featuring Special Guest Charlotte Church,' A&E; Elliot Lawrence, 'The Kennedy Center Honors,' CBS; David Sibley, 'The Little Richard Story,' NBC.

* Music and lyrics: Marvin Hamlisch, Carole Bayer Sager, 'AFI's 100 Years . . . 100 Stars,' CBS; Bruce Vilanch, Glen Roven, 'The 14th Annual American Comedy Awards,' Fox; Ron Jones, Chris Sheridan, 'Family Guy,' Fox; Carole King, 'Freedom Song,' TNT; John Kimbrough, 'Nickellennium,' Nickelodeon.

* Main title theme music: Jay Gruska, Ross Levinson, 'Falcone,' CBS; Hal Foxton Beckett, 'Jack London's Call of the Wild,' Animal Planet; Joesph LoDuca, 'Jack of All Trades,' syndicated; Mark Leggett, Velton Ray Bunch, 'The Pretender,' NBC; W.G. Snuffy Walden, 'The West Wing,' NBC.

Sound Editing

* Sound editing, series: Walter Newman, Thomas A. Harris, John Reynolds, Darren Wright, Rick Camara, Darleen Stoker Kageyama, Ginny Cook, Sharyn Tylk, Casey Crabtree, Mike Crabtree, 'ER' NBC; Mace Matiosian, Ruth Adelman, Guy Tsujimoto, Harry Cohen, Jivan Tahmizian, Diane Griffin, Zane Bruce, Mike Broomberg, 'The Others,' NBC; William Wistrom, James Wolvington, Ashley Harvey, Dale Chaloukian, Jeff Gersh, Masanobu Tomi Tomita, Gerry Sackman, 'Star Trek: Voyager,' UPN; Walter Newman, Thomas A. Harris, Clay Collins, Darleen Stoker-Kageyama, Karyn Foster, Darren Wright, Kenneth D. Young, Rick Camara, Rick Hromadka, Allan Rosen, Casey Crabtree, Mike Crabtree, 'Third Watch,' NBC; Thierry J. Couturier, Cecilia Perna, Debby Ruby-Winsberg, Donna Beltz, Jay Levine, Ken Gladden, Mike Kimball, Stuart Calderon, Susan Welsh, Jeff Charbonneau, Mike Salvetta, Sharon Michaels, 'The X-Files,' Fox.

* Sound editing, miniseries, movie or special: Nigel Heath, James Feltham, Julian Slater, Dianne Greaves, Jason Swanscott, 'Animal Farm,' TNT; Christopher Sheldon, Jim Borgardt, Charles W. Ritter, Willy Allen, Dane A. Davis, Sherry Whitfield, Jerry Trent, 'The Crossing,' A&E; Richard Taylor, Brian Thomas Nist, Scott Wolf, Trevor Jolly, Barbara Issak, Chris Reeves, 'Harlan County War,' Showtime; Michael Graham, Suzanne Angel, Anton Holden, Bill Bell, Bob Costanza, Gary Macheel, Lou Thomas, Tim Terusa, Mike Dickeson, Mike Lyle, Rick Crampton, Rick Steele, Rob Webber, Rusty Tinsley, David Bondelevitch, Tim Chilton, Jill Schachne, 'The Hunley,' TNT; David Hankins, Doug Kent, Bruce Tanis, Frank Smathers, Mike Babcock, David Beadle, Helen Luttrell, Sonya Henry, Kathy Durning, Chris McGreary, Dale Perry Mike Broomberg, 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,' HBO.

Sound Mixing

* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Paul M. Lewis, Nello Torri, Peter E. Kelsey, 'Ally McBeal,' Fox; Dana Mark McClure, Andre Caporaso, Robert C. Douglass, Thomas J. Huth, 'Frasier,' NBC; Dana Mark McClure, Charles McDaniel, III, John Bickelhaupt, Kathleen C. Oldham, 'Friends,' NBC; T.J. O'Mara, Bob Chefalas, Paul Zydel, 'Sex and the City,' HBO; Rich Jacob, John McDonald, Craig Porter, George Meyer, 'Spin City,' ABC; Jesse Peck, Craig Porter, Todd Grace, '3rd Rock From the Sun,' NBC.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Edward J. Greene, Tom Vicari, Robert Douglass, '72nd Annual Academy Awards,' ABC; Chris Lord-Alge, Guy Charbonneau, Don Worsham, 'Cher: Live in Concert--From the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,' HBO; Edward J. Greene, Don Worsham, Mikael Stewart, John Harris, Robert Colby, Robert La Masney, 'The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards,' CBS; Edward J. Greene, Bob La Masney, Bobby Elder, 'The Kennedy Center Honors,' CBS; Don Worsham, Bob La Masney, Errol Brown, 'One Love the Bob Marley All-Star Tribute,' TNT; Robert Palladino, Bill Taylor, Chris Seegar, Marty Brumbach, Jay Vicari, 'Saturday Night Live: The 25th Anniversary Special,' NBC.

* Sound mixing, drama series: Marc A. Gilmartin, Michael E. Jiron, David Concors, Allen L. Stone, 'ER,' NBC; David Platt, Bill Nicholson, Tom Meloeny, 'Law & Order,' NBC; Joe Kenworthy, Elmo Ponsoomenech, J. Stanley Johnston, 'NYPD Blue,' ABC; Matthew Price, Kevin Burns, Todd Orr, Tom Perry, 'The Sopranos,' HBO; Kenneth B. Ross, Dan Hiland, Gary D. Rogers, Len Schmitz, 'The West Wing,' NBC; Steve Cantamessa, David J. West, Harry Andronis, Ray O'Reilly, 'The X-Files,' Fox.

* Sound mixing, miniseries or movie or a special made for TV movie: Edward L Moskowitz, Terry O'Bright, Keith Rogers, 'Annie,' ABC; Edward L. Moskowitz, Richard D. Rogers, Rick Alexander, Rick Hart, 'The Beach Boys: An American Family, (Part I)' ABC; John J. Thomson, Kevin Burns, Todd Orr, Tom Perry, 'Dirty Pictures,' Showtime; Edward J. Greene, Hugh Healy, Larry Reed, 'Fail Safe,' CBS; Jim Tanenbaum, Daniel Lahee, Michael Casper, 'Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays With Morrie,' ABC; Clive Derbyshire, Mark Taylor, Mike Dowson, 'RKO 281,' HBO.

Visual Effects

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