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ORANGE COUNTY CONGRESSIONAL RACES; Candidates' Backgrounds, Views on Issues and the Airport

March 05, 2000

Voters go to the polls Tuesday to choose candidates who will appear on the November ballot. Here's a closer look at candidates for Congress, state Senate and state Assembly. Candidates were asked about their goals and their stand on the proposed El Toro Airport. They were also asked their position on county toll roads which have come under scrutiny in recent months.


Gary G. Miller

Personal: 51, Married, four children

Party: Republican

Career highlights: Incumbent. Former Diamond Bar mayor and city councilman, and former state assemblymen.

Goals: Protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare. Pay off the national debt. Clean up contaminated sites in inner cites, and curtail spam on the Internet.

El Toro: Called an airport "beneficial" for the district, but said the matter should be decided locally.

Toll roads: Supports private toll roads as a last option, but believes the state should prioritize expanding the freeway system.


Anthony "Tony" Ma

Personal: 75, married, two children

Party: Republican

Career highlights: A teacher in Hong Kong for 10 years before immigrating to the United States in 1959. He worked as an aircraft mechanic and engineer for several Southern California aerospace firms, and also worked as a Caltrans engineer for 25 years.

Goals: Protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

El Toro: Undecided.

Toll roads: Chose not to comment.

Running unopposed are former Ontario city councilman Rodolfo G. "Rudy" Favila of Ontario, Democrat, and golf course manager David Kramer of Chino Hills, Natural Law.


Dana Rohrabacher

Personal: 54, married

Party: Republican

Career highlights: Incumbent. Worked as a speechwriter and special assistant to President Reagan, and currently chairs the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee.

Goals: Restraining government spending and reducing taxes. Promote space commercialization, and ensure the West Coast receives its fair share of federal dollars to protect the coastline.

El Toro: "Aggressively in favor" of the proposed airport, saying it will bring economic prosperity to Orange County.

Toll roads: Favors private toll roads if proven they can reduce traffic and are self-sustaining.


Long K. Pham

Personal: 49, married, four children

Party: Republican

Career highlights: Worked as a senior engineer for the Bechtel Corp., Rockwell International and Ralph M. Parsons Co., and also worked for Edison International. He is the vice president elect of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Goals: Reform the health care system to make it more affordable; cut taxes and reduce federal spending; protect Social Security and establish congressional term limits. Favors a greater federal commitment to aerospace research and development.

El Toro: Supports the proposed El Toro airport.

Toll roads: No opinion.

Running unopposed are consultant Ted Crisell, Democrat, small business owner Don Hull of Costa Mesa, Libertarian, and real estate agent Constance Betton of Newport Beach, Natural Law.


Loretta Sanchez

Personal: Married

Party: Democrat

Career highlights: Incumbent. Co-chair of the Democratic National Committee; member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and of the House Armed Services Committee.

Goals: Providing an increase in affordable housing, especially in Orange County. Supports efforts to revive urban areas, and will continue efforts to secure funds for cities in her district. Investing any federal surplus in preserving Social Security and Medicare, and expand Medicare to include prescription drug coverage.

El Toro: Opposes Measure F because she sees restriction on building jails as a threat to public safety. Says the airport should be decided by local voters.

Toll roads: Supported the state's move to stop the sale of the 91 Express Lanes to the state. Considers the failure of that road to be a "major public policy problem" that calls into question building private toll roads.


Howard Garber

Personal: 71, married, three children

Party: Republican

Career highlights: Retired eye doctor, founder and director of conservative American Civil Responsibilities Union and host of public access cable television show "The ACRU Report." An activist for victims rights.

Goals: Stem the flow of immigrants into the United States, especially illegal immigrants from Mexico. Promises to be a "loud voice" who will expose wrongdoing by the Federal Communications Commission. Support tougher laws against crime.

El Toro: "Not real strong on the issue."

Toll roads: Supports the construction of private toll roads.


Gloria Matta Tuchman

Personal: 58, married, two sons

Party: Republican

Career highlights: Teacher. Unsuccessful candidate for state superintendent of public instruction in 1998. Former school board member and teacher of the year. Strong advocate for Prop. 227, the anti-bilingual eduction initiative approved by voters in 1998.

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