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SO SOCAL: The Best...The Beautiful...And The Bizarre

Is That Your Final Answer?

OK, candidates, try not to trip on our California primary pop quiz

March 05, 2000|James Bates

Washington insiders call it "silly season," that time when political campaigns are ripping along and strange things happen. Among the oddities this time is use of that nasty school surprise: the pop quiz. George W. Bush got one on Chechnya's leader. David Letterman gave Hillary Rodham Clinton one on New York. The California presidential primary is Tuesday. Here's our test for those who aspire to lead any nation that includes the Golden State: * 1. Who is California's governor?

a) Gray Davis

b) Grey Davis


2. Match the freeway with the appropriate number.

a) Foothill Freeway

b) San Diego Freeway

c) Glenn M. Anderson Freeway

d) Ronald Reagan Freeway

e) Santa Monica Freeway


A) 118

B) 105

C) 210

D) 10

E) 405


3. Which early Beach Boys were not related?

a) Bruce Johnston

b) Carl Wilson

c) Brian Wilson

d) Mike Love

e) Al Jardine

f) Dennis Wilson

* 4. Rank these earthquakes in order of magnitude from weakest to strongest.

a) 1992 Northridge

b) 1989 Loma Prieta

c) 1971 Sylmar

* 5. You are from out of town and want to get a decent time and table for a Saturday night at Spago in Beverly Hills. How far in advance should you make the reservation?

6. Which of the following are not in the Inland Empire?

a) Fontana

b) Corona

c) Six Flags Magic Mountain

d) Rancho Cucamonga

e) Rancho Bernardo

f) Upland


7. How much longer is a longboard than a shortboard?

* 8. Which of the following should be taken as a positive sign when pitching a movie to a top studio executive?

a)"We'd love to do it. Bring it back when you have Jim Carrey attached."

b) "There are a few problems with the script, but with work it's the next 'Sixth Sense."'

c) "Do you have your own financing?"

d) "Do you have a job for me?"


9. How long would it take to ride the Los Angeles subway/light rail system from downtown directly to each of the following locations?


b) LAX

c) The beach

d) Dodger Stadium

10. How many bedrooms can you get for $250,000 in Santa Monica?


See opposite page for answers



1) a 2) a:C; b:E; c:B; d:A, e:D 3) a, d 4) c, a, b 5) At least three weeks. 6) c, e 7) Three feet. 8) None. 9) Forever, since it doesn't go to any of them. 10) None you would want to be caught dead in.

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