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Bond Issues

March 05, 2000

I have been reading in The Times for over a year that California's economy is doing great and that we have a state budget surplus. Isn't this surplus in cash? Then why is the voter being asked to approve bonds for schools, libraries, parks and clean water?

I've also been reading that one should apply any extra cash to pay down high-interest debts and that, to ensure financial security, one should be careful about spending and to try to save a little for the future. Does this only apply to individuals and not to governments?


Granada Hills


Not much is said about Prop. 16, the veterans bond. If passed, bonds will be sold to pay for retirement homes for American veterans. I will be voting yes on Prop. 16, and I urge you to do the same. These veterans served our country with honor. They were ready to sacrifice their lives for us, and I'm sure we can sacrifice a few bucks for them now, when they need our help.



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