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Of Two Minds on Syria

March 05, 2000

Memories of December in Damascus dominate my thoughts, thanks to Jonathan Black's piece ("In Damascus, Ancient Appeals," Feb. 13).

I found pleasure where Black found pleasure and hope that he also discovered the lure of the ancient baths, luxuriant in marble, fountains, domes and alcoves where quiet conversation brought an end to the busy day. I highly recommend lodging in local hotels, some of which were homes of the Ottoman wealthy.

When I was in Syria, the people went to great lengths to take care of me and to befriend me.


San Clemente

I was deeply disturbed to find Damascus so prominently featured in the Travel section.

How can you encourage travel to a country that actively participates in boycotts against Israel? You are featuring travel to a country that denies entry to hundreds of thousands of American citizens because we have chosen to travel to Israel.

Travel to any country that denies access to any law-abiding segment of Los Angeles Times readers should not be promoted. I sincerely hope that you will consider these concerns when making decisions regarding future articles.


South Pasadena

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