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March 06, 2000|STEVE PRATT

What: Lakers Fan Phone (310) 419-DUNK

"Thanks for calling 419-DUNK, your one-stop source for everything you need to know about the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Sparks."

That's the first thing you hear when you call the Lakers Fan Phone number. From there, it's just a matter of keying in numbers that direct you to information, such as what team the Lakers play and when, how you can get your favorite Laker to appear at special events, information on the Laker Fan Club, group sales and season seats. You can be transferred to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets or to the NBA catalog line for information on how to buy items from your favorite team.

All it takes is one call.

Of course, much of the information you hear on the phone line--and more--is also on the Laker Web site (, but for those not totally literate, the information remains a call away.

The fan phone line has been in existence for eight years, according to Keith Harris, Laker executive director of broadcasting and promotions. Harris says the phone line gets between 8,000 and 10,000 calls a month.

Scores from each game have not been updated yet this season, but will be in the next month, Harris said. "We're always thinking of ways we can change it and make it better," he said. "We want to try and make it as interactive as possible."

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