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March 07, 2000

The Southern Section generally sends basketball playoff teams to neutral sites beginning in the semifinal round. Is this a good policy and should it be used in other sports?


Villa Park, Baseball

I think it's a good idea because it takes away the advantage a team has by practicing and playing on their field every day. If you play at a neutral site, both teams have to bring their family and friends out there. It just puts everyone on an even playing field. A (baseball) team like Foothill really benefits from playing at home because of the quirky upslope they have in right field.


Marina, Soccer

I like how it is in soccer just home and away games. When I'm at home my fans are all behind me. Even people that don't like soccer come out to watch. That's where half my motivation and energy comes from.


Valencia, Basketball

It is a good policy and it should be used in other sports because it heightens the playoff experience and it doesn't provide the home team with as much of a home-court advantage.


Mater Dei, Soccer

I think it's a good idea, because there's going to be a lot bigger crowds in the semifinals. There should be equal opportunity for both schools to have their fans there. Generally, it's a lot more of an advantage for the home team. With a neutral site, it takes away that advantage.


Los Alamitos/Assistant

Basketball Coach

"Other sports" are considered minor sports and non-revenue sports, therefore using a home site is more beneficial as schools will at least draw their home crowd. Unlike basketball, where fans would travel to see games, sports like soccer would not likely draw the same kind of fans. Neutral sites would benefit a sport like basketball only.


Hayward, Former Magnolia Wrestler

Due to the problems with trying to determine criteria for home-court advantage in prep sports, I believe that neutral-site hosting is generally a good idea. While I think that teams should be rewarded for their performance during their seasons, I think it would be virtually impossible to develop acceptable criteria for such a process.


Retired Businessman

It's an excellent idea. Why not make for a level playing field with no advantages? Let the best team win on a neutral court.


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