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Many Players Don't Mind Getting Needled

March 08, 2000|MAL FLORENCE

Under the headline, "Sport Illustrated," Frank Blackman of the San Francisco Examiner writes that as the new century begins, "the most conspicuous wearers of tattoos are basketball players."

Dennis Rodman is, of course, the best-known sports celebrity of the tattoo culture and his bizarre behavior only enhances that image.

Larry Hughes, who was recently acquired by the Golden State Warriors, is festooned with tattoos, according to Blackman.

"They cover both sides of his arms. He has more on his chest, back and legs. There are cartoon heroes, two elaborate multicolored depictions of the Grim Reaper, a cross that serves as a remembrance of a departed relative [and] names of other family members."

See what you started, Popeye?


Trivia time: What was the Lakers' best record during the Magic Johnson era?


What's next? Steve Rosenbloom in the Chicago Tribune:

"Notoriously inept free-throw shooter Eric Montross went to the foul line recently and tried jump shots. He still missed both."

Bonzi background: In case you were wondering, the given name of Portland's Bonzi Wells is Gawen Deangelo. As for his nickname, his father told the Oregonian:

"We started off calling him 'Bonbon' because his mother craved ice cream bonbons when she was pregnant with him. When he was about 2, it went from 'Bonbon' to 'Bonzi.' "


Short lived: Michael Holley of the Boston Globe analyzing Celtic Coach Rick Pitino:

"In Boston, Pitino has developed a Draconian personnel style. His love affairs with players have a Dennis Rodman-Carmen Electra longevity.

"Not only does if affect how his rent-a-players relate to each other, it affects how he relates to them."


Don't spit it: Golfer John Daly has signed a sponsorship agreement with SoBe Beverages, a Miami company that produces herbally enhanced refreshments.


Its slogan: "Grip it and sip it."

Better viewing: Cleveland Indian rookie C.C. Sabathia has his last name tattooed on his back.

"You don't need a name on the back of your uniform," catcher Sandy Alomar told him. "You just need a hole in the back of your jersey."


Looking back: On this day in 1958, Silky Sullivan, ridden by Bill Shoemaker, won the Santa Anita Derby by three lengths after trailing by 40 lengths early in the race and by 20 entering the final turn.


Trivia answer: The Lakers were 65-17 in the 1986-87 season. At 50-11, the current Lakers are on a pace to win 67 games.

And finally: Kevin Paul Dupont in the Boston Globe:

"Nice building in Los Angeles, the Staples Center, but players generally consider it to have the worst ice surface in the NHL.

"For all the millions spent on these state-of-the-art buildings (read: cash cows), you'd think they could master the art of freezing water.

"They seem to do a fine job of filling those $3.50 soft drinks with decent ice."

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