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Ventura County

March 09, 2000


District 1

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

Steve Bennett: 15,709 (44%)

Jim Monahan: 11,266 (32%)

Rosa Lee Measures: 8,392 (24%)

District 3

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

Kathy I. Long*: 16,581 (48%)

Michael Morgan: 15,447 (45%)

James F. Shinn: 2,161 (6%)

District 5

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

John K. Flynn*: 9,368 (53%)

Francisco Dominguez: 6,219 (35%)

Arlene H. Fraser: 2,071 (12%)

County Measure

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

F--St. Joseph's Expansion

Yes: 111,644 (73%)

No: 42,241 (27%)

Fillmore USD Measure

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

E--School Improvement Bond

Yes: 2,069 (63%)

No: 1,194 (37%)

Santa Paula School District Measure

100% Precincts Reporting: votes (%)

D--School Improvement Bond

Yes: 3,368 (80%)

No: 846 (20%)


Key to Election Tables

An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent candidate:; a dagger () denotes an appointed incumbent.

A double dagger () indicates a district is shared by two or more counties. The individual tables don not reflect the total vote.

Elected candidates and approved measures--or those leading with 99% of precincts reporting--are in bold type. Results are not official and could be affected by absentee ballots.

0 % indicates information was unavailable at edition time or only absentee ballots had been counted.

District locations are identified by county. In Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Ventura counties, they are identified by community.

Uncontested local offices and write-in candidates are not included in the tables.


Contributing to the Times' election coverage:

Technical assistance: Victor L. Pulver and Martin Leadman.

Compiled by: Times editorial researcher Tracy Thomas

Contributing: Joaquin Edeza, Rochelle Flores, Jack Torres and Michelle Urbina


Sources: Election returns provided by California Secretary of State and county registrars of voters.



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