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Ventura County Perspective

No Praise for Oxnard Airport

March 12, 2000

Re: "In Praise of the Oxnard Airport," Ventura County letters, March 5.

There is no question that Oxnard Airport served as a vital facility during the investigation of the Alaska Airlines crash. The reality, however, is that the same level of service could have been provided at the Camarillo and Point Mugu airports with much less disruption of the surrounding residential area. The residents of this area, however, realized the importance of what was happening at Oxnard Airport and made no complaints about it.

Yes, Oxnard Airport has been located where it is for 50 years. Most of our homes have been here for 80 to 90 years. Letter writer David Ousley points out that airport operations are one-third of what they were 20 years ago. What he and other airport proponents refuse to acknowledge is that the types of aircraft have dramatically changed.

I have no problem with the Cessnas, Pipers and other small private airplanes flying in and out of the airport. I do have a problem with the increase of business jets. I would far rather have 10 small airplanes flying over my home than one plane such as a Gulfstream G4 that rattles every window and makes conversation impossible.

From a report completed 12 years ago, he says that "Oxnard Airport contributed $38 million a year to the local economy." That was 12 years ago. If Oxnard Airport is still such a financial boon, why is it operating at a loss?

Finally, Ousley's letter refers to "whining" by "airport neighbors who are misinformed and ignorant." Who died and made him the Einstein of airport issues? Residents of this area have spent many hours researching documents and laws that apply to the airport and we are just as capable as he of comprehending the information.

If compromises cannot be reached and the airport cannot be brought into compatibility with the surrounding community, then it is time to close down and remove a nuisance.



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