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Official to Face Rebuke Over Nazi Allegations

March 18, 2000

HUNTINGTON PARK — A city councilwoman who has accused high-ranking police officials in her city of Nazi activities is expected to be rebuked next week by her colleagues on the council.

A resolution formally reprimanding Councilwoman Linda Luz Guevara is on the agenda for the council's Monday meeting and is expected to be supported by all her colleagues, council members said.

Guevara, who has long been critical of her city's police force, earned the ire of her colleagues in January when she issued a press release accusing her colleagues of supporting "white supremacist activities and Nazi activities among high-ranking police officers."

Guevara's charges stem from a photo she has circulated of a Huntington Park police lieutenant wearing a German army uniform at a costume party. The lieutenant is known nationally for his collection of military artifacts.

Guevara said the photo and other allegations of police misconduct that she has heard indicate a racist attitude toward minorities among the department's leadership.

She said she has asked the district attorney's office to investigate her charges.

City leaders said the Police Department has investigated her allegations and determined that they are unfounded.

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