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Wayne LaPierre

March 19, 2000

* Re "NRA Firing Wildly Once Again," editorial, March 15:

Given the intense media denouncement of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's remarks about President Clinton, one can only conclude that he was closer to the truth than the media will ever admit. I do agree with the president on one thing: Let's make gun control the central issue in this year's election and let the people decide what they want: Freedom or potential tyranny. Let's face it, the only thing the NRA is a threat to is the left's desire to disarm the American people.


Santa Paula

* Your editorial revealing the NRA as "obstructionist, hysterical and dangerous" provides a valuable sanity check in the gun violence debate. Now, let's move on. Who are the politicians who take contributions from the NRA? Who are the elected officials targeted for defeat by the NRA's "issue advocacy" campaigns? That's the kind of information we could use at the polls to end the bully tactics allowing the gun-nut minority to thwart the will of the people.


Aliso Viejo

* Your attack on the NRA was obstructionist, hysterical and dangerous, just as you accused the NRA of being. The NRA is not against selling trigger locks with the purchase of guns, or even restricting importing large-capacity magazines. What it does not want is laws that would mandate a 72-hour wait before a gun is sold at gun shows, since this would put the shows out of business. Besides, there is no reason for it, since background checks can be done in a few hours.



* I am pleased that LaPierre has taken off the kid gloves when it comes to dealing with the Clinton administration. The White House has publicly stated that the schoolyard massacres are the fault of the NRA and its members. Since I am a member, that is highly offensive to me! It is high time that Slick Willy gets nailed for the lies he has told, and I am proud of LaPierre for doing so.


Mt. Baldy

* The original owner of the stolen gun that killed Kayla Rolland was almost certainly a "law-abiding citizen." Unfortunately, these are the guns that ultimately are used in over 70% of all homicides. The only gun that cannot be stolen or used is the gun that does not exist. Someday the U.S. will join the other civilized societies of the world and ban the private ownership of handguns. Until then, senseless shootings will continue.



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