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Huntington Park OKs Trash Contract Without Bidding

March 23, 2000

HUNTINGTON PARK — Without seeking competitive bids, the Huntington Park City Council has approved a 10-year contract, worth about $7.2 million, for residential trash pickup.

The council voted 3-2 Monday to award the contract to System Disposal, a company headed by John Marderosian, a longtime friend of Mayor Tom Jackson.

The trash contract will begin in 2004, after the city's current trash contract with U.S.A. Waste of California expires Dec. 31, 2003. Marderosian is the former general manager of a trash firm that picks up the city's commercial debris.

The contract was supported by Jackson and Councilwomen Linda Luz Guevara and Jessica Maes.

The council members who opposed the contract, Rosario Marin and Rick Loya, criticized the deal. Marin accused the mayor of supporting the 2004 contract for his friend because Jackson may not be in office when the current contract expires.

Jackson said there was no need to seek a competitive bid because he is sure Marderosian's company will do the job best. He added that the company will pay the city a $50,000 signing bonus and will buy new trash barrels for all residents.

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