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City OKs Living Wage Law for Employees

March 24, 2000|KARIMA A. HAYNES

Saying they want to improve the economic conditions of the city's working poor, San Fernando City Council members have adopted a living wage ordinance.

Local elected officials, legislators and union leaders will formally announce adoption of the measure at 8:30 a.m. today during a news conference at City Hall, 117 Macneil St.

Under the ordinance, city employees and contract workers would earn an initial rate of $7.25 per hour with health benefits or $8.50 per hour without.

The Council adopted the ordinance at its meeting Monday. The measure goes into effect April 20.

"This is an important milestone for the city of San Fernando in its efforts to improve the economic condition of those who need it most," City Administrator John A. Ornelas said.

Additionally, the ordinance stipulates that city workers must receive six compensated days off annually for sick leave, vacation or personal leave at the employee's request.

Employees will also receive six uncompensated days off annually for illness after all their regular days off have been exhausted for the year.

The measure mandates that $1.25 per hour be paid toward health-care benefits for employees and their dependents.

With adoption of the living wage ordinance, San Fernando joins 41 other cities nationwide-- that have approved similar measures.

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