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Carey's Sweet Day

March 25, 2000

I would like to begin by using Robert Hilburn's math analogy to say that zero knowledge times zero taste in music equals his review ("Mariah on Tour: Glitter but No Gold," March 18).

You cannot compare Mariah Carey to Madonna, Shania Twain or Ricky Martin, considering she has broken records previously set for number of No. 1 singles and number of weeks her songs have been at No. 1, except for the Beatles and Elvis. Her song "One Sweet Day" has also spent 16 weeks at No. 1, more than any song ever! This disproves Hilburn's theory that she is not a satisfying artist.

What is telling about her talent is that she writes almost all of her own songs and has had 15 No. 1 singles. (Did he forget one?) Her vocals have become more defined and clear, not fuzzy, as he wrote, and she is able to perform exactly the music she wants to perform now. Nothing Mariah writes or sings is superficial. She sings straight from her heart.


Mission Viejo


Aside from the fact that I am not surprised Carey's tour has no substance, I am surprised at Hilburn's endorsement of the tin ear of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Yes, Carey won a best new artist Grammy in 1990. Christina Aguilera won this year. A Taste of Honey won in 1979 over the Cars, Elvis Costello and Toto.

Good records or artists rarely win Grammys, and a win is hardly an endorsement of talent.


Studio City

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