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They're Tangled Up in Dylan

March 26, 2000

* Re "Dylan Keeps a-Changin' With Times," March 13:

I read your excellent review online. The two shows in Santa Cruz and two in Reno will make an even 80 for me, and I have to say that from 1995 on these are the best shows I've ever seen him do.

The inclusion of new material and the "rerouting" of older songs makes it a no-brainer to see as many shows as possible.

I've heard him say in interviews that just because the recorded cut happened to be performed while the tape was rolling doesn't necessarily make it the definitive version.

It is funny sometimes to hear him do "Lay Lady Lay" and hear someone say, "That didn't sound anything like the CD." I think that's the point.

Thanks for the excellent and thoughtful review.


San Jose

* Re "Don't Think Twice, He's All Right," March 9:

Randy Lewis' commentary in Calendar Weekend was excellent. He tied it all together.

This is sharp, crisp writing and a pleasure to read. Paul Carbo's illustration of our Mr. Zimmerman was also fun.


Huntington Beach

* What a delightful review.

I was also in the audience for the late show March 10 and can't imagine it could have been better captured in a review.

What's more, the review had an entertainment value all its own for anyone who enjoys well-crafted prose.

I especially liked the line about Dylan's face knowing something was happening but not knowing what it was ("Mr. Jones") when a smile threatened.


Laguna Beach

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