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Getting the Fax on New Appliance Sizes

March 26, 2000|From Popular Mechanics

Question: We are planning on remodeling our kitchen. I know there are tons of books on the subject, but do you have any recommendations to simplify the planning process?

Answer: Remodeling a kitchen is a complex project, but part of the process has just become easier--getting precise appliance dimensions and specifications using a fax machine.

The free service is called Dimension Express, and it's funded by manufacturers. All you pay for is the normal toll charge to access it in Incline Village, Nev.

Dimension Express provides appliance dimensions and specifications in the form of easy-to-use data sheets. The sheets contain information that is often unavailable or hard to decipher when presented in manufacturer catalogs. For example, the sheets provide front, top and side views of an appliance, dimensions for door swings, clearances to combustible surfaces, cutout dimensions, trim kit information, colors and installation guidelines.

To ensure accuracy, the information is constantly revised to reflect changes in product development. And manufacturers are required to approve information before it is released on the system.

To access the service using a fax machine, dial (775) 833-3600 and press the number 2 when prompted. Listen to the entire recorded message and then press the start button to receive five pages of introductory information. Don't hang up the handset, however, until the machine starts receiving the pages from more than 20 manufacturers, all of which are available 24 hours a day.

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