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Break in Water Pipe Closes Courthouse

March 30, 2000

LAGUNA NIGUEL — The Orange County Courthouse was closed Wednesday after a main pipe broke and left the building without water.

Construction workers digging in the courthouse parking lot accidentally broke the 6-inch line around 6:30 a.m., shutting off water to the building, said Orange County Marshal's Lt. Scott Bowen.

Although only the parking lot was flooded, the building on Crown Valley Parkway was closed for the day because of health concerns, Bowen said. The line supplies water to restrooms and air-conditioning in the building, Bowen said.

Some court staff remained at work as construction crews worked to repair the rupture. The courthouse is expected to reopen today.

Paul Meyer, a Costa Mesa attorney, said he arrived at the courthouse Wednesday morning to find court staff and judges standing in the parking lot. Despite the inconvenience, most people took the closure in their stride, Meyer said.

"There was a very good outreach to help deal with people's frustration," Meyer said, adding that for some the closure was probably welcome news.

"I imagine a lot of the defendants were happy they didn't have to go to court," he said.

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