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Site Study Set for Historic Mansion

May 04, 2000

INDUSTRY — City officials have agreed to complete an environmental impact report on plans to move a vacant historic mansion, built by a local pioneer, to make way for an industrial park on what is the last big ranch in the San Gabriel Valley.

Officials have issued a draft report exploring the future of the nearly century-old Craftsman home, built by former Sheriff Alvan Currier.

Two months ago, Karen Powell, a Currier descendant, and the Coalition to Save the Currier Ranch filed a lawsuit against the city to force it to study the environmental impact of the home's removal.

"I want the house to stay undisturbed," Powell said. "They plan to use the ranch house land for a parking lot."

The suit alleged that the city violated state law by failing to prepare such a report on its plans to move the homestead for development of a 400-acre industrial park, to be built by Staples Center developer Ed Roski Jr.

The Industry City Council responded last month by setting aside its approval of the project and ordering an environmental review.

The draft report suggests ways to mitigate the impact of the industrial park on Old Ranch Road. Mitigation measures include fencing off the mansion or donating the structure to a historic society for relocation.

The public has until June 4 to comment on the project, then the city will respond to those comments in the report and publish the final environmental document. The City Council will then vote on the project.

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