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King Notes

May 04, 2000|Associated Press

Webber and point guard Jason Williams will face reckless driving charges for their driving after a game on April 11, said Dave Delacey, deputy district attorney, in Sacramento.

The California Highway Patrol, which recommended the charges, said Webber was cited and released by officers. Williams was in another car in the same area but drove away before he could be stopped.

The minimum penalty for a misdemeanor reckless driving conviction is a $150 fine. The maximum is 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

"If Sacramento troubles me about a ticket, they will lose a nice person in the community," Webber told the Sacramento Bee.

Williams was not available for comment.

On Jan. 2, Webber and Williams were cited by the CHP for speeding.


The Kings' flagship radio station, KHTK (1140), tried a lame stunt Tuesday morning, made even worse by the fact it didn't pull it off.

The station sent someone to the Lakers' hotel at 6:15 a.m., trying to deliver a package to center Shaquille O'Neal. The rip-roaring hilarious contents?

A free-throw shooting brochure and a children's rhyming dictionary (to aid O'Neal's rap career).

The messenger pounded loudly on a few doors, waking up other hotel guests, but never even made it to the right floor, much less O'Neal's room.

"I would have beat them up if they knocked on my door at 6 a.m., harassing me," O'Neal said.


Divac on he and Kobe Bryant being whistled for double technical fouls when Bryant shoved him in Game 4: "We both got technicals and we were just playing hard. That's something that happens."

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