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Mahony Apologizes to Episcopal Bishop

May 06, 2000|Larry B. Stammer

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony has apologized to the incoming Episcopal bishop of Los Angeles for the Roman Catholic archdiocese's failure to send a representative to the Episcopal bishop's ordination last weekend

In a May 1 letter to the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Mahony, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles, said it had been his "fond desire" to have been personally present at Bruno's ordination as successor to the Rt. Rev. Frederick H. Borsch.

Mahony said he had thought that someone had been selected to represent him and was "deeply saddened" to learn later that no one had. The two churches have long enjoyed good relations in Los Angeles. Mahony and Borsch have frequently worked together on church and civic issues and consider each other friends.

The cardinal explained that he, his auxiliary bishops and other ranking Catholic clergy all were involved in Easter week confirmations on April 30, the day Bruno was ordained. Mahony added that the archdiocese was hampered because his ecumenical officer, who suffered a serious stroke several months ago, has not returned to his duties.

In a separate but similar letter to Borsch, Mahony invited both Episcopal bishops to join him and his 50-member Council of Priests this fall "to give us all the opportunity to congratulate Jon as well as to acknowledge the terrific working relationship which we have had in the past, and which I want very much to have in the future."

Borsch said Mahony alerted him several weeks ago that he couldn't personally attend but hoped to send an official representative. "Both Jon Bruno and I know the cardinal as a good friend and colleague in ministry together," Borsch said.

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