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Ready For Their Day In The Sun


MAY 12

Bossa Nova. Amy Irving and Alexandre Borges star in a multicultural love story set in Rio de Janeiro. (Sony Pictures Classics)

Center Stage. An ensemble cast dances to the sounds of Prokofiev and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in writer Carol Heikkinen and director Nichols Hynter's study of some aspiring hoofers. (Columbia)

The Girl Next Door. Director Christine Fugate's portrait of the Tulsa housewife who moved west and became porn star Stacy Valentine. (Indican Pictures)

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Sunday May 14, 2000 Home Edition Calendar Page 95 Entertainment Desk 1 inches; 26 words Type of Material: Correction
Film distributor--The film "Saving Grace" starring Brenda Blethyn will be released by Fine Line Features. An item in last Sunday's Summer Sneaks section listed an incorrect studio.

Held Up. Not a great day for Jamie Foxx: ditched in the desert by his girlfriend, carjacked and finally taken hostage in a robbery at the Sip & Zip. (Trimark)

Screwed. Writers-directors Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski orchestrate a screwball kidnapping involving a chauffeur (Norm Macdonald), a mortician (Danny DeVito) and a pooch. (Universal)

Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God . . . Be Back by Five. Two friends seek an old buddy rumored to be living at the famous amusement park. (Phaedra Cinema)

MAY 19

Dinosaur. Disney's in-house debut in the computer animation game tells the story of an iguanodon named Aladar and his perilous quest. (Walt Disney)

Journey of Man. Cirque du Soleil performers enact the stages of human life in a 38-minute Imax 3-D film. (Sony Pictures Classics)

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg. An examination of the 1930s and '40s baseball star and his inspirational role for his Jewish brethren. Directed by Aviva Kempner. (Cowboy Booking)

Road Trip. A student and his buddies race from Ithaca, N.Y., to Austin, Texas, to intercept a videotape of a momentary indiscretion before it reaches his girlfriend. (DreamWorks)

MAY 24

M:I-2. Tom Cruise returns as agent Ethan Hunt, and John Woo comes aboard as director, in this sequel to the '96 action smash "Mission: Impossible." (Paramount)

MAY 26

Better Living Through Circuitry. An exploration of the techno/rave culture, with performances and interviews with cutting-edge music figures such as Moby, Genesis P-Orridge and Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flur. (Seventh Art)

8 1/2 Women. Director Peter Greenaway's look at a Fellini-inspired tale of a father and son's attempt to assemble a harem of 8 1/2 (don't ask) archetypal females. (Lions Gate)

Kikujiro. The eponymous tough guy and an 8-year-old boy embark on a revealing odyssey through rural Japan. (Sony Classics)

Passion of Mind. Alain Berliner ("Ma Vie en Rose") makes his English-language debut, directing Demi Moore as a woman who leads parallel lives. Written by Ron Bass ("Rain Man"). (Paramount Classics)

Shanghai Noon. When a Chinese princess is kidnapped in the Old West, imperial guard Jackie Chan comes to her rescue with Owen Wilson in tow. (Touchstone)


Luminous Motion. When a mother and her 10-year-old son end a long, larcenous odyssey and try to settle down, their world begins to fall apart. (Artistic License)


Beau Travail. Melville's "Billy Budd" inspired this story of a French Foreign Legion outpost and the disorienting arrival of a new recruit. Directed by Claire Denis. (New Yorker Films)

On the Run. A soft-spoken travel agent ("The Sopranos' " Micheal Imperioli) is drawn out of his quiet shell when an old friend escapes from prison. (Phaedra Cinema)

Running Free. A young horse abandoned in rugged southwest Africa copes with encroaching war, a rival stallion and an inhospitable environment. (Columbia)


American Pimp. The Hughes brothers ("Menace II Society," "Dead Presidents") analyze the phenomenon of the black urban pimp. (Seventh Art Releasing)

Catfish in Black Bean Sauce. Paul Winfield and Mary Alice as a black couple whose life changes--comically and poignantly--when the Vietnamese children they adopted contact their biological mother. (Black Hawk Entertainment)

Gone in Sixty Seconds. Action maestro Jerry Bruckheimer co-produced the story of the former Picasso of car theft (Nicolas Cage), drawn back into the fray when his brother gets in trouble. (Touchstone)

Love's Labour's Lost. Director, writer, co-producer and star Kenneth Branagh adapts Shakespeare's comedy to 1930s Hollywood, complete with Irving Berlin and Cole Porter songs. (Miramax)

Pop & Me. Young filmmaker Chris Roe documents a seriocomic journey of mutual discovery he undertakes with his baby-boomer dad. (Seventh Art)

Sunshine. Ralph Fiennes plays three patriarchs in a century-spanning epic about a Hungarian family. Directed by Oscar winner Istvan Szabo ("Mephisto"). (Paramount Classics)


Butterfly. Spain's legendary actor Ferndando Fernan Gomez plays a man who becomes a mentor to a young boy in the shadow of the Spanish Civil War. (Miramax)

Fantasia 2000. After its Imax run, Disney's update of its 1940 film moves to a regular format and a wide release.

Grass. Quick: What actor narrates this documentary on recreational marijuana use in the late 20th century? Hint: It's not Charlton Heston. Yes, his initials are W.H. (Unapix Films)

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