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Three DJs Put a Spin on the Season's Boldest Gold Jewelry

May 07, 2000

Kazimir: 26

Chris Kazimir, known as DJ Kazimir, recently produced the soundtrack for "Flip Dream," an independent feature film. "Freeskool Sessions Collections," Kazimir's first DJ mix CD, will be released this summer on his Feel Free Music label. It features "the 'phattest' tunes of U.S. producers," he says, as in "post drum 'n' bass house music." In addition to spinning at regular Freeskool parties on both coasts, Kazimir does live 60-minute sets online at his Web site,

Best spot for vinyl: Strictly Grooves on Sunset

What packs the dance floor: "Anything by Armand Van Helden."

Desert island disc: "Elis & Tom," by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina

Personal jewelry pick: A Casio "Baby G" watch--"the one with little break dancers."


Angelique: 28

Long Beach native Angelique Bianca recently completed a tour of duty as resident DJ at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She spins locally at Sugar in Santa Monica and on Wednesday nights at Naked Lunch in Beverly Hills. "I play progressive house music, trip-hop and hip-hop." Angelique, who now lives in Los Angeles, also sings and manages a band called VHS Or Beta, which is based in Louisville, Ky. "VHS Or Beta is a disco house band, really fun and futuristic."

Best spot for vinyl: Pasadena City College Swap Meet.

What packs the dance floor: "Music Sounds Better With You," by Stardust.

Desert island disc: Stevie Wonder's "Greatest Hits."

Personal jewelry pick: A big, chunky plastic ring by Trina Tarantino. "It's sparkly." *

Dazy: 27

Natalie Pongpanik borrowed the name of her favorite flower for her professional persona, DJ Dazy. Based in Hollywood, Dazy has gigs all over the country and in Canada, including a Wednesday night residency once a month at Ohm in Portland, Ore. Locally, Dazy entertains at Motion--a private party that takes place every three months in different locales. Dazy is also the organizer behind Sister DJs, a collective of nearly 200 female DJs.

Best spot for vinyl: Wax Records on Melrose Avenue. "I go there once a week and spend $150 to $200."

What packs the dance floor: House bootlegs of Sade.

Desert island disc: Anything by Sade.

Personal jewelry pick: A heart-shaped gold locket from Thailand--"with artwork of a water buffalo on top."


Casting and gold jewelry stylist: Jennifer Abu Hollander; wardrobe stylist: Michael Cioffoletti; hair: Van Lam; makeup: Liz Rizo/Artist Group Management; locations: Destroy All Music, Los Angeles; Strictly Grooves, Los Angeles

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