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Dream unweaver: The "South Park" kids, Salma Hayek and Dr. Ruth have been playing polo on angry bulls with you in REM state. Think it might have something to do with that upcoming performance review? Unravel the meaning at .

Girlfriend's garage: So what if you're better at filling the trunk than checking under the hood. Get the latest auto chatter and have your car queries answered personally at .

Music to your ears: Wild about Sinatra or maybe Eminem? Request your favorite tune to be played on stations throughout the country at .

Warm and fuzzy Naval: At ease. No need to salute at . But you can check out life-on-land tips and connections especially for military families.

M is for the million times you nagged me: Get a closer look at 100 moms, from Joan Crawford to Sheryl Swoopes to Indira Gandhi, and find out the history of Mother's Day at the Biography Channel's . You can also create and post your own ode to your phenom Mom.

Coffee talk: Jumpin' java! Did you know that New Guinea coffee was originally cultivated in 1937 with seeds from Jamaica's Blue Mountain region? Get the scoop on coffee beans and the hot coffee spots in your area at .


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