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O.C. Bankruptcy Filings

May 12, 2000

These companies and/or individuals recently filed for liquidation (Chapter 7) or reorganization (Chapter 11 or 13) in federal Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana.

Petitioner: Benny Gunawan

Location: Anaheim

Listed business affiliation: f.d.b.a. Alternative Resources

Type of business: Personal household cleaning products, water filtration systems

Filing: Chapter 7

Assets: $3,500

Liabilities: $80,424

Case number: 13626 LR

Petition signed by: Benny Gunawan

Date filed: 5-3-00


Petitioner: Philip M. Coulson and Ellen E. Coulson

Location: Fountain Valley

Listed business affiliation: Business Bits & Bites

Type of business: NA

Filing: Chapter 7

Assets: $317,167

Liabilities: $346,112

Case number: 13590 LR

Petition signed by: Philip M. and Ellen E. Coulson

Date filed: 5-3-00


Petitioner: Michael D. Saverino and Shannon Renee Saverino

Location: Mission Viejo

Listed business affiliation: d.b.a. Tri-Wiggler Co.

Type of business: Sales

Filing: Chapter 7

Assets: $200,095

Liabilities: $210,419

Case number: 13620 LR

Petition signed by: Michael D. and Shannon Saverino

Date filed: 5-3-00


Petitioner: Jeffrey Alan Musgrave

Location: Orange

Listed business affiliation: Orange County Moving Services

Filing: Chapter 7

Assets: NA

Liabilities: $0-$50,000

Case number: 13649 LR

Petition signed by: Jeffrey Alan Musgrave

Date filed: 5-4-00


Petitioner: Prithvi P. Dang and Tejinder Dang

Location: La Habra

Listed business affiliation: d.b.a. Agent USA

Type of business: Clothing manufacturer

Filing: Chapter 7

Assets: $4,633

Liabilities: $801,757

Case number: 13662 RA

Petition signed by: Prithvi P. and Tejinder Dang

Date filed: 5-5-00


Petitioner: Chieu Van Phan

Location: Garden Grove

Listed business affiliation: d.b.a. La Chiquita Mini Market

Type of business: Mini market

Filing: Chapter 13

Assets: $100,001-$500,000

Liabilities: $100,001-$500,000

Case number: 13695 RA

Petition signed by: Chieu Van Phan

Date filed: 5-5-00


Petitioner: Classic Building Co. Inc.

Location: Dana Point

Filing: Chapter 11

Assets: $1,000,001-$10 million

Liabilities: $1,000,001-$10 million

Case number: 13661 RA

Petition signed by: Mark Ladeda, president

Date filed: 5-5-00

Key: d.b.a.--doing business as. f.d.b.a.--formerly doing business as. f.k.a.--formerly known as. f.a.w.--formerly associated with. a.k.a.--also known as.

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