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My Heroine

Students' tributes to their mothers and grandmothers poured in when LA Youth newspaper asked for submissions to an essay contest on "My Hero." This is a selection of essays provided to The Times by LA Youth, "the newspaper by and about teens," in advance of Mother's Day. They have been edited for space.

May 12, 2000

My mom has had six knee surgeries from a past job injury. Her life is limited physically, but she tries to do stuff with me all the time.

Her keen sense to do well under pressure and give herself completely to her family is intriguing to me. My mom has an inner strength that never subsides.

My mom has done so much for me. I have yet to see my mom spend any money on herself.

The perfect example of what my mom will do for me is when I was 15: She had just gotten her knee drained and was in a lot of pain. Instead of resting at home, my mom drove to the Universal Amphitheater to wait in line for 'N Sync concert tickets for me. When she gave me those tickets, I felt like I was going to cry. I couldn't believe she had done this when she was going through so much in her life.

I wish I could take my mom's pain away from her or give her my knee. Words cannot express how my mother makes me feel.

Superman, Spiderman, Pokemon, they could never be as good a hero as mom.


San Pedro High School

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