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My Heroine

Students' tributes to their mothers and grandmothers poured in when LA Youth newspaper asked for submissions to an essay contest on "My Hero." This is a selection of essays provided to The Times by LA Youth, "the newspaper by and about teens," in advance of Mother's Day. They have been edited for space.

May 12, 2000

I chose my mother, Zubida, as my hero. She has always been there for me when I needed her as a mother and as a friend.

She always protects me from getting yelled at by anybody. I have a lot of respect for her. I can talk to her about anything. She understands the little problems that I have in school between my teacher, my grades and work. When she sees that I am tired and I am very hot she will ask me if I want anything.

She always cooks my favorite foods, like pizza, and has them ready by the time that I get back from school. She does all the housework even though I am her child and I am supposed to help her out, which I do sometimes.

When I am sick she takes me to the doctor, she gets me medicine and she gets me 7-Up and all the things that I need. Whenever I need to go shopping, she will take me and get me whatever I want. But other mothers say no, and they say, "I can't right now, sweetie." But my mom does not do that. At night, if I can't fall asleep, she will stay awake with me until I fall asleep.

She teaches me right from wrong. She does all the right things for me and I really appreciate that, because all mothers are not like that. And I sometimes realize that, because when I am not in a good mood, I will kind of be mean to her too, but I regret it afterward. That's why now I try to be nice to her, even though my brother and I get into a fight.

The point is that my mom does a lot for me and I have to be really grateful for that. She is just the perfect mom.


Birmingham High School

Van Nuys

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