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May 12, 2000|LARRY STEWART

What: "A Passion for Life: Celebrity Musings From the Fairway" audio tape

Author: Ann Liguori

Price: $18

Ann Liguori has learned in the years she has done sports interviews for her long-running "Sports Innerview," now seen on Fox Sports Net, that golf settings put celebrities at ease.

She used that knowledge in 46 "Conversations With Ann Liguori" shows she did for the Golf Channel and those evolved into a book, "A Passion for Life: Celebrity Musings From the Fairway." And now the book is available as a two-volume audiotape, or audio book.

The audio book includes interviews with such people as Celine Dion, the late Charles Schulz, Joe Pesci, Matthew McConaughey, Brett Favre, Smokey Robinson, Charles Barkley, Sylvester Stallone and Evel Knievel.

Liguori, as an interviewer, has a softer approach than, say, Jim Gray, but she gets her guests to open up. Favre talks at length about his battle against an addiction to painkillers. Robinson talks about his addiction to cocaine and why he went public with it. Pesci reveals he was the one who suggested to his friend Ben Wright that women's breasts get in the way of their swing. Barkley talks about the importance of education--and also about his barroom brawls.

But golf, specifically the love of golf, is the common thread. Hackers will hear that golf provides the same highs and lows to celebrities as it does to anyone.

This from Schulz, when asked what "Peanuts" character best describes his golf game: "Probably Snoopy because he just gets so terribly angry and so upset. We all do. Golf is like a woman. Golf leads us on. You hit a perfect drive. You hit a three-iron right up there near the green, and you're thinking birdie. Then you chunk your approach shot and you get a bogey or double bogey. So you've been led on and then you're turned down again . . . "

The two-volume set can be ordered by calling Bookleggers at (800) 262-1556 or by going on line at, or

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